Assets management

Good assets management is an absolute necessity for success. And this philosophy applies to all your assets, including your body parts.

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Now, what attracts a man when he is looking at a woman?
As a man of leisure and sidewalk cafés habitué, I have spent many hours investigating this topic.

When a man looks at a woman (some men don’t bother) I think that he first casts a quick glance at the subject. If she is attractive enough, he might take a second look.

It seems that women, regardless of their age, can be classified into two categories: those still looking for the elusive match, and those who dropped out of the race.
Ladies still running the romantic obstacle course aim to attract; dropouts don’t care. They are either involved with somebody or done with men.

Playing up their best assets and downplaying their least desirable features is the proven winning strategy for women looking to entice a man.

So what assets will a woman press into service to get a man interested? Hair, bust, hips, butt, legs?
Women have a lot of ammo at their disposal, but they need to proceed wisely before implementing their strategy.

To be noticed a woman has to be decently proportioned and walk gracefully. The walk is important because even if she is not a classic beauty, a woman can project great sexiness through her gait.

The hip movement is at the root of the attraction. The hips have to sway smoothly (like a sloop heading to the wind) otherwise the stride will appear stiff, unappealing. If the hips move fluidly, they will also drive the posterior with a pleasing samba-like motion… and it will be noticed.
A woman who has mastered the art of sashaying is way ahead of the pack.

“If someone tells you that you’re not beautiful, turned around and walk away so they can have a great view of your fabulous ass.”

In other words, if you have a great ass set, flaunt it.

Of course, a woman’s mind is never to be overlooked, but the first impression persists. Like Bo Derek running toward Dudley Moore in the movie 10.


Вот это танцевальная шутка! Браво!

Кажется всё так просто, легко и весело! Просто "высший пилотаж"!

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  1. I like to add to your article:
    “There’s a lot of pretty women in the spring because during other seasons you appreciate them for their brains”
    Hello Women, let’s discuss it…

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