First class

I must be feeble-minded. Despite abstaining from drinking and vaping, I cannot understand why, as planes are getting bigger, seating arrangements are getting smaller. Is it my imagination, or could airlines be hornswoggling us? I am definitely leaning toward the latter.

Naked greed is the reason why the average fellow is not benefitting from new planes’ spaciousness. Logically, as planes are getting bigger, passengers should be getting more legroom.

But when greed rears its ugly head, instead of spreading the wealth, executives will pack Coach passengers like sardines. “Squeeze them, they say, and extract as much juice as you can.”
And it is usually a guy who always travels First Class who decides this.

On a 3 to 5 hour flight, I will reluctantly book a Coach seat, but above 5 hours I want a more comfortable accommodation. I want to be able to lie down and get some sleep.


The only way I can do this is by booking a Business or a First Class seat. But there is a huge price difference between Coach and Business and I am not a plutocrat. So, is it really worth to do it?

Lately, the inner-me has been whispering “you only go around once…” Why don’t you experience flying with unreserved attention at least once before you take the last train to glory?

“If you continue to treat yourself like a 3rd class citizen, you’ll stay a 3rd class citizen.” ― Richie Norton

I don’t want to remain a 3rd class citizen; so I flew Business to Europe once… and it was nice… Very nice. That’s the way airlines should treat all their patrons… in a Business class manner instead of their contemptuous steerage way.
The problem though is that flying this way is expensive… and addictive. Once you have tasted Champagne, it is very difficult to go back to Ginger Ale.

I am waiting for a shrewd entrepreneur to create a level field, and I am counting on the likes of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos to do this.
After all, who would ever have thought that you could make an RLS (reusable launch system) practical and economical? Nobody but Elon.

But greed is difficult to shake off.

“Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough.” Janwillem Van De Wetering

It will take an innovative maverick to solve this flying aberration, and this man (or woman) won’t be an old fashion capitalist. It will be an enlightened young entrepreneur who will find a clever way to pamper his followers and still manage to make a nice profit.


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