Our new field

I have seen it and I like it!

Braving a thousand dangers, your fearless correspondent went to the Marin Civic Center war zone to investigate the construction project of a much-debated fence.

Well my friends, it looks even better than imagined… and it is not even entirely completed. Gates are still missing. It has been said that good fences make good neighbors… we are now safely separated from the dastardly canophiles across the dog park.
With the addition of electronic surveillance, there will be no more clandestine incursions from strung out “perros” and we can now sleep soundly at night.

Esthetically, the whole thing looks very appealing and I am convinced that instead of driving away potential new players it will entice them to a have a closer look at our game and our club.

Included in the fence, we now have a nice shaded picnic area that will undoubtedly be improved by Charlie D.

Herb, Brigitte and Papa Charlie

Great minds think alike.
This project was achieved thanks to numerous financial contributors and the indefatigable footwork of the Davantes-Moran clan who moved mountains to bring this undertaking to fruition.

Thank you, merci, gracias danke schön everybody for lending a hand and helping to improve our field of dreams.


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