Hit them where it hurts

When a business is uncooperative, don’t hesitate to hit it in the nether regions.

I have found that a customer’s most potent weapon against an uncooperative business is a smart diatribe posted on social media. Assail the company’s image and shame it publicly.

If a firm does not respond to your phone calls or your email, let the public at large know about it. It works amazingly well.

A little while ago, trying to mitigate the medical expenses incurred by my cat, I signed up with a pet insurance company. I started to pay my monthly dues and shortly after my last visit to the vet, I submitted a claim.

Later on, I checked my claim’s status on the company’s website. Nothing seemed to have happened. I called to make sure that they received my request. After having been shuffled through different departments and put on hold indefinitely, I hung up. I then send an email inquiring about my claim.
No response.

La moutarde commença à me monter au nez! My nose started to get tickled by the mustard!

I found its corporate presence on Facebook and I let my anger spill.

Before long I received an email from the insurance company apologizing for the delay and informing me that my claim was being processed. It follows that if a company ignores you, use social media to prod their thick hide. No insults necessary. Just the facts ma’am.

Social media can be a nuisance but in some cases, it can also be a potent weapon. If a company fails to address your concerns, use the power of the pen to chastise that outfit.
Consequently, you will enjoy some results, I guarantee it.


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