When you have got it, flaunt it! Step right up and strut your stuff. ♫

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Painting by Fernando Botero

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that most women are exhibitionists. When they have got it, they definitely want to flaunt it.
Even when they don’t quite have it, they still crave attention. They try (not very hard) to make you believe that it is not so, but we are wise to their wicked ways.

Facebook (or any social media) is a prime example of my assertions. It is full of women’s selfies provocatively showcasing their assets.
I am not against it mind you for you cannot look a gift horse in the mouth.

I imagine by the way, the frustration of some Muslim women who would love to emulate their western sisters, but can’t. I am surprised that more of them have not rebelled against their oppressors and burned their bras (or whatever garment they would burn).

They ought to sneak a pick at the history of suffragettes! In my humble opinion, what the Middle East needs (much more than 110 billions worth of armaments) is a Joan of Arc, Elizatheth Cady Stanton or a Gloria Steinem.

Women, over the centuries have perfected the art of seduction. They have weaponized just about every part of their bodies to coyly ensnare their quarry. And they dutifully transmit all their knowledge to their progeny.

Bosom and caboose have always been women’s primary weapons but nails, eyelashes, lipstick, hair are also part of their stealthy arsenal.

Men have been slow to follow the trend. Granted, they are starting to get manicures, wear makeup and don earrings but they are far behind the women in this strategic field.
Some guys can also be exhibitionists but they don’t have enough material to seriously compete with women.
Bodybuilders are an exception. Regardless of the weather, they always wear short sleeves garments to emphasize their bulging muscles. But this is pretty crude.

It takes more than muscles to seduce a woman, or so I believe. Intellect (or if you come short in this filed, hard cash) can be as much an aphrodisiac as six-pack abs.

So, while exhibitionism might be frowned upon, I am no Tartuffe. It is not beneath me to appreciate whatever body parts women choose to put on display.