The sky has fallen

“They who sow the wind shall reap the storm.”


 On November 8, 2016, in an earthshaking upset Donald Trump wrestled the American presidency away from Secretary Hillary Clinton and became the 45th president of the United States.
Americans opted for bigotry instead of sanity.

The road ahead?

For many people around the world, the results of this toxic election bear a frightening similarity to January 1933 when a fiery populist was appointed chancellor of Germany.
Few people then believed that the toothbrush mustachioed firebrand would actually do what he promised during his electoral campaign, but to the world’s ever greatest sorrow he did.

Just like the German Kanzler, Donald Trump’s promises are not just idle campaign rhetoric. He means what he said about Women, Mexicans, Planned Parenthood, Gun Control, Climate change, etc. and it is not the sycophants around him who are going to restrain his worst tendencies.

Donald Trump, the Republican messiah, has sown the seeds of discord in the land and this antagonism won’t magically disappear but increase after he enters the White House.
Under his watch, are we to become another country where the press is going to be muzzled and dissidents thrown in jail or assassinated?
With a Republican majority in the Senate (51/47) and in the House (222/155) we have everything to fear.

The world was thrilled when in 2008, overcoming its racist past, America chose a smart, decent African American to be the leader of the free world.
Today, the West is stunned that the same America picked a vulgar, notoriously unhinged bully to dictate the policies of the United (?) States.

At end of his 2nd term Barack Obama’s Presidential Job Approval Ratings are 53%
At the end of his 2nd term George H.W. Bush Final approval ratings were 22% (January 16, 2009)

What are Donald Trump’s approval ratings going to be after 100 days in office or at the end of his first term?

A very interesting question.


2 thoughts on “The sky has fallen”

  1. Dear Alain,

    Your account of our election let seriously to desire and I humbly offer my opinion which is backed by nearly 70 million others U.S citizens and some common friends.

    Your opening statement includes: “Americans opted for bigotry instead of sanity”.

    Hillary Clinton is a faithful church goer, would it be that her insane conduct, her pathological lies, treachery to attempt to mark points on debates and perjury before the congress is guiding her to search pardon in church?

    Insulting a quarter of the U.S population as: “ A basket of deplorable and irredeemable”, should disqualify her immediately to search the Presidency of the United States.

    Therefore “bigotry instead of sanity” does not relates to Mr. Trump but irrefutably to Mrs. Clinton.

    Calling this election “toxic” is just a sign of an poor loser as may found on the left of the spectrum.

    What I find toxic is accusing Mr. Trump of being a Nazi, this is offensive, unjust and deplorable.

    “Just like the German Kanzler”, you mean Bundeskanzler I suppose, again you refer to the Nazis but you must have forgotten or perhaps never knew how Hitler came to power, absolutely no relation with our last election.

    Your phobia against gun is the antitheses of our second amendment, Mexican gangster may not bother you, the death of Kate in San Francisco murdered by an illegal Mexican is of grave concern to most. So as Planned Parenthood killing unborn child on the nine month and selling body parts.

    You may believe in Climate change however approximately 11,000 years ago we were in an ice age, we are going in it again in approximately 1,000 years. The hottest period on this planet was at the Eocene period. Maurice Strong with All Gore made million in the global warming business by knowingly misleading all who did not know better.

    Lastly let’s be clear and factual: 43 Presidents built a national debt to nearly 7 trillion and Obama by it-self brought it to nearly 20 trillion. So why would you chose to mentioned some irrelevant information about Presidents and omit such important one?



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