Nom de guerre

Un nom de guerre (war name) isan assumed name under which a person engages in combat or some other activity or enterprise.”


IMG_0210Pétanque is basically a hand-to-hand combat where two factions (doublettes or triplettes) fight for supremacy.
It is indeed a mini-war and it would be fitting for all combatants to have some “noms de guerre” (war names).

If you watched Top Gun (who didn’t) you probably remember that all the fighter pilots had “call signs” (aka noms de guerre).
Tom Cruise was “Maverick”, Val Kilmer “Iceman” and Anthony Edwards “Goose

In the French Foreign Legion, new recruits can also pick a new name (no questions asked) to start a new life.

Why not apply this convention to pétanque? It would add spice and pizzazz to the game.

Version 2

As far as I am concerned, it would be definitely more fun to report that La Bête Noire polished off La Fillette or that La Foudre shocked Le Facteur repeatedly.

A good nom de guerre can also add glamour and vitality to sometimes-bland characters.
You have to admit that “Le Facteur” (who always rings twice) sounds much more compelling that plain Jean-Michel and Le Canonnier more intimidating than Noel.

So put on your thinking cap and let me know what your fighting name is going to be.

So far, I have collected just a few names, but I urge everybody to come up with a new moniker ASAP to make games more entertaining.

Actual “noms de guerre”:

Efron Alain:               La Foudre or Le Bourreau
Efron Tamara:           Rasputina or Raketa
Gautier:                    Schubert
Marcovecchio:          Le Canonnier
Moran Brigitte:          Fillette
Moser Francois:        Le P’tit Suisse
Poulnot J-Michel:      Le Facteur
Wessel Henry:          La Bête Noire

Alain la Foudre or Le Bourreau

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