Dump Trump

I may be drunk, Donald, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly. Winston Churchill

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The GOP campaign is now reaching critical mass.

5-Signs-You-Are-Dealing-With-A-Snake-Oil-Salesman_869_9999_fillDonald Trump, aka the “The Mouth that Roars”, having bullied his way to the top is about to become the figurehead of the Republican Party.
It is an unmitigated disaster for America and the free world. It is an event akin to 1933, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany.

The party of Abraham Lincoln lost its way a long time ago and is now wandering further and further in political extremism.

America has traditionally been the champion of democratic values that almost every nation on earth is looking up to.
Trump’s anointment as leader of the Republican Party is about to change that perception.

Trump (“I am really smart”) is a crude, rude, ignorant, bombastic, populist egomaniac shooting from the hip.
Here are some of his “intelligent” positions (quoted in in the media) on vital issues:

Trump will forcefully deport about 13 million illegal Mexicans, build a gigantic wall across our Southern border to keep them out and make Mexico pay for it.
Realistic, brilliant, constructive! Mexico will definitely oblige.

“Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of conscience at the least and an affront to good governance at best.”
Trump has flip-flopped on this issue more than once. Now, to secure the Evangelical crowd, he backs the pro-life side without any regard for the mental, physical and financial well being of women.

“If you had more guns, you’d have more protection because the right people would have the guns. (The Wall Street Journal)
Trump will give guns to everybody to stop America’s endemic killing . Another brilliant solution. Why didn’t we think of that before?

Foreign policy
Trump favors Carpet Bombing our enemies, Russian style. This will definitely stop conflicts and buys us new friends all over the world.

“I try and pay as little tax as possible, because I hate what they do with my tax money. I hate the way they spend our money.” (NBC News)
We know that Donald. By the way, could we please see your tax returns for the last 10 years?

Health care
“I would end Obamacare and replace it with something terrific, for far less money for the country and for the people,” said Trump. (KCCI Des Moines)
The next insanely great thing, no doubt about it. Give us some details please.

“Global warming is an expensive hoax!” (Trump on Twitter)
The Donald of course, knows best. Just trust him and don’t ask stupid questions. Who are you going to believe, your eyes or him?

Lately Trump professed to ignore who or what the KKK stands for. A rather lame answer for a “really smart” guy.

To sum it up, Donald Trump is a dangerous flimflam man, a snake oil salesman who will say anything to secure a shot at the White House.
Once there, what would he do? This is a very scary thought.

If you live in a dump
Tired of being a chump
Don’t vote for Trump

If you have any common sense, Dump Trump while you still can.


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