Paniers de Noel. Round 2

Exactly 3 weeks after the rain interrupted our tournament, I am happy to report that yesterday (Sunday, January 31st) the action finally resumed.

Upon hearing the good news the city of San Francisco immediately went into high gear and adorned its streets and building with flowers and tinsel.
I think that there might even be a parade on Market Street next week to honor the winners of this tournament.

The weather confounded the naysayers. Upon arriving in the Golden Gate Park we were greeted by a cloudless blue sky with absolutely no hint of rain. The climate was pleasant but still a bit chilly.

The field was fairly dry but still very spongy. To be sure to hit his mark, a shooter had to shoot “au fer” (to the iron). Any shot landing a few inches in front of the target would inevitably bounce on the ground and fly over the target.
It happened to me a few times.

The survivors of the previous encounter were as follows:

  1. Christine Cragg
  2. Alain Efron
  3. Tamara Efron
  4. Calvert Barron
  5. Henry Wessel
  6. Claudie Chourré
  7. Joss Krauer
  8. Paul Kos
  9. Jack McKinnon
  10. Scott Cole
  11. Jean Bogiages
  12. Christopher Ferris
  13. Michael Martuscello

Missing in action were Noel Marcovecchio, Liv Kraft and Charles Davantes.

A little controversy erupted at the beginning of the tournament. Some people who were not present at the original contest demanded to play. They were rightly rebuffed (in my opinion) by Joss Krauer, the tournament organizer.
The scores from the 2 previous games were kept and despite the fact that some of the original players didn’t show up, no substitute for missing contestants was allowed.

The first game started at 11:00 a.m. and the second game was played after lunch.

My partner (Claudie Chourré) and I lost our first game 6/13. It was mainly due to the fact that I didn’t shoot “au fer”. A spongy field is unforgiving and it took me too long to adapt to the field’s conditions.

My partner for the second game was Calvert Barron. We won our second game by probably becoming more familiar with the field’s peculiarities.

Around two o’clock the tournament was over and the Paniers de Noel were presented to the highest scorers.
It was also the end of an era. After decades at the helm of the club, an emotional Joss Krauer passed the leadership baton to Jack McKinnon.
He is now the new president of La Boule d’Or. Best wishes to him and his club.

As a good omen for the welfare of the club, we had the pleasure to welcome 3 young new players to La Boule d’Or.
I don’t know their names but you cannot miss them. If you look at my pictures, they are the only players walking without a limp.
When you see them (in San Francisco or anywhere else), please make them feel welcome.

The best players of the tournament were:

1st place: Mike Martuscello
2nd place: Alain Efron
3rd place: Henry Wessel

1st place: Tamara Efron
2nd place: Christopher Ferris
3rd place: Calvert Barron



PS: I hope that the results of this tournament will be reported on Mexican TV. They have bar none the best-looking female broadcasters in the Americas.

To look at photos of this event and listen to the accompanying background music, turn your computer’s sound on, and click on the link “My Photos” located on the right side of this page. For best viewing, go Full Screen.

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