Paniers de Noel 2015

♫ If you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair…

 

So what happened yesterday in San Francisco?
Did we play?
Did it rain?
Did we wear flowers in our hair?
What exactly took place in the City by the Bay?

IMG_2840Well my friends, yes we played –all the 16 of us– and yes it rained, and no, nobody wore flowers in their hair.

The (plucky) players who showed up to compete were as follows:

  1. Alain Efron
  2. Paul Kos
  3. Scott ?
  4. Mike M. ?
  5. Henry Wessel
  6. Jack McKinnon
  7. Christine Cragg
  8. Joss Krauer
  9. Chris Farris
  10. Tamara Efron
  11. Claudie Chourré
  12. Noel Marcovecchio
  13. Jean ?
  14. Charlie Davantes
  15. Liv Kraft
  16. Calvert Barron

The Marinites (9 of us) really saved the day. Without our mighty contingent no tournament could have taken place.

The format of this particular Concours was “doublettes” “carrousel” style. We changed partners each game.

We played 2 games in the morning under fair conditions. Just a light drizzle.
We were scheduled to play 2 additional games after lunch, but the rain gods decided otherwise.
Just as we finished our second game it started to rain… rather substantially.

We stopped for lunch hoping that the downpour would stop. But it did not.

Large puddles of water started to colonize the field and it was wisely decided to postpone the rest of the tournament and complete it the following Sunday.

So weather allowing, the tournament will resume next Sunday.
The scores of the 2 first games will be kept and the same players will compete again.

Was it a miserable day? Not at all.
In spite of the rain, it was rather pleasant and I don’t mind coming back to a picturesque (with shaggy bisons in the next meadow) pétanque field.

Thanks  to the organizers who worked hard to make this tournament possible.

See you all next Sunday.


To look at photos of this event and listen to the accompanying background music, turn your computer’s sound on, and click on the link “My Photos” located on the right side of this page. For best viewing, go Full Screen.

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