Zip it up

“The volume of your voice does not increase the validity of your argument.”
Steve Maraboli


There is nothing more grating to me than the sound of a loud voice (or laughter) in a public place.
When I go to a restaurant, a café or a theater, I buy the right to enjoy a period of time free of disturbance or interruption.

My comfort zone is a loudmouth-free zone… and a loudmouth by the way is not necessarily a man. A shrieking woman can be as disturbing (if not more) as a male yokel.

Noise is disturbing, stressful and detrimental to your heath.

Another big mouth
Another big mouth

As a matter of fact, many people immediately mute (I do) a loud commercial.
A noisy promotion has exactly the opposite effect as intended. It turns people off instead of captivating them.
Absolutely nobody is going to be swayed or convinced by a loud commercial.
It is way more irritating than enticing and I am always surprised that some outfits persist in still airing them.

A quiet argument is more powerful than a vociferous tirade and it is proven daily in business or in politics.
And you have a natural tendency to pay more attention to people who speak softly than to blowhards who make questionable statements.

In our interminable presidential campaign, the temporary Republican strident frontrunners (do I need to mention anybody?) will soon fade away to make room for quieter candidates.

Loudness usually betrays a feeling of insecurity.
If you cannot convince them with reason subdue them with noise, seems to be their asinine “Modus Operandi”.

Great orators don’t shriek; they quietly win you over with reasonable arguments.

Noise proves nothing. Often a hen that has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid.
Mark Twain

So, do me a favor, when you go on the town, tone it down a notch… s’il vous plait.
Grazie mille !


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