Some like it mellow

You cannot shouldn’t wear everything you like.

Yesterday while slumming at Starbucks (peeping at the girls, drinking coffee and munching on a permanently stale croissant) an older shorts-wearing dude caught my eye.
Big ass, skinny legs, non-descript jacket… It was not a pretty sight!
Somebody should have made a citizen’s arrest… or at least alerted the fashion police…

Kate-Upton-2You are of course, entitled to wear what you please, but what looks good on somebody else doesn’t necessarily look good on you, and vice-versa.
If Kate Upton looks good alluring smoking hot in a bikini, it does not mean that men will fall all over a woman if she wears the same outfit.

The French say “the cloth does not the monk make”, but what you wear tells a lot about you and has a way of opening or closing doors.

Fashion icon Miuccia Prada said:

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world.”

 And she is right.


Clothes above all are supposed to enhance, not to undermine your appearance.

When you go shopping for new duds, it is a good idea to take along an impartial observer.
Somebody who will tell you without any hesitation if you look dowdy, fat, old, skinny, ridiculous.
Women are good at that. Men not so much.

In my crystal ball, I see the emergence of a Faux-Pas Detector.
It will work like a metal detector and act as a deterrent against flagrant attire blunders.
You will walk through a gate, and if your outfit is unhip, uncool, nerdy, dowdy, frumpy, lame, unsexy, old hat or square, a buzzer will ring and you will be taken aside for a little talk.
You will probably also be added to the “No Fly List” as a threat to fashion and aviation.

To sum it up, when stepping out be aware of your shortcomings and dress accordingly.
Don’t dress too tight (or too loose).
Don’t dress too young (or too old).
Don’t dress too trendy, especially if you are of a certain age.
Don’t show all your tattoos at once and don’t wear too much mascara and black eye liner (especially men).

Above all, have a critical look in the mirror before leaving home.

Please don’t thank me, I like to help.


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