“An expression used to show pleasure and admiration when someone has done something well.”

Nothing pleases me more than to eulogize members who take it upon themselves to do something for the good of the club.

Today I want to praise a few individuals who did just that.
IMG_5645My heroes of the day are Verena Rytter, Liv Kraft, Christine Lemor-Drake (our roving ambassador) and Charlie Davantes.IMG_1182

Verena, Liv and Christine are part of the driving force behind the New Member Drive movement.
Their task is to recruit new club members. And they are doing a jolly good job.
IMG_6320Last weekend alone, after demonstrating the fine points of pétanque to a few people, they signed up 2 new members: John-Philippe Wyek and Dori Bonn.
Kudos to you all!

Charlie is the Jack-of-all-trades who on his own restores and beautifies just about everything on our field.IMG_5283 - Version 3

If you ever notice that something has been improved (and the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with it) you can be sure that Charlie (or Liv) was part of it.
I caught him last Saturday planting flowers along the narrow patch of ground that separate our court from the Dog Park.
Embellishing our court with flowers is a great idea and I am surprised that nobody else thought about this before.
Leave it to Charlie to do the right thing.

So I say “bravo/brava”, and my “casquette” off to all these dedicated people.


In case you want to help (and be a hero) , the next New Member Drive will be on July 18th from 10 to 12 noon.

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