Laughter therapy

Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.
Mark Twain

Totally agree with you mister Clemens!
Laughter (except maybe for the Roman Gladius sword) is the best defensive and offensive weapon of all times.
It is also the best shield against intolerance and narrow-mindedness. And Heavens knows that we need that!

It is difficult to prevent people from laughing, but some prigs will try it.
Bülent Arınç (a “mildly Islamic” Turkish politician) thinks that Turkish women must remain “decent” and “not laugh uproariously in public”.
WTF dude? Threatened by the weaker sex? Phooey! Double phooey!

Let’s not forget that laughter is therapeutic. And Instead of prescribing an ever-increasing array of horse pills, doctors should offer Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or ten straight episodes of Seinfeld to their patients. It would be cheaper and more effective than those bloody pills.

A German asks a Mexican if they have any Jews in Mexico. The Mexican says, “Sí señor, we have orange jews, apple jews, and grape jews!”

Didn’t you chuckle? Of course you did! And don’t you feel better? Of course you do!
I suspect that people who don’t laugh are permanently constipated.

To stop conflicts you should make people laugh.
For instance Sunnis and Shias are slaughtering each other for some obscure reason.
If one Sunni comedian could perform in front of a bunch of Shias and make them laugh, much bloodshed could be avoided.
Or, he could kill them all with laughter.

Laughter is also very appealing.

Marilyn Monroe radiant“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”
Marilyn Monroe

I believe that Norma Jean. You don’t have to ply a woman with drinks and precious stones to seduce her. Just make her laugh and she is yours.

To sum it up, laugh whenever you can. Laugh at everybody and everything. Nothing is sacred. If it is, for goodness sake, quickly desacralize it with laughter.


Thank you to Carolina Jones for providing me with the following video:

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