“Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”
Absolutely not!

If you or your children want to become insanely rich quickly, don’t do it the old fashion way, by the sweat of your brow.
Write an “app” instead.

iphone-appsAn app, short for “application”, is a small, specialized computer program designed to run on mobile devices.
And it is the rage of the moment. Until something better comes along…

If you don’t believe me, look at what just happened to “WhatsApp” an instant messaging program.
Facebook snapped it up for a mere $19 billion making Ukrainian-born Jan Koum and Internet entrepreneur Brian Acton instant billionaires.

Apps are what’s happening!

Personally (if I could) I would write an app called ShutApp (name suggested by Michael K.).
Installed on a smartphone, it would trigger a shrieking sound when detecting an abnormally loud voice (not a male exclusivity) in a public place.
Upon hearing that sound the loudmouth sitting at a table nearby would probably inquire, what’s that?
You would simply say that your device detected an exceptionally loud sound coming from his/her direction.

Does that noise bother you? you would then sweetly ask
Well, so does your loud voice

What would happen next is open to speculation, but should the loudmouth suddenly become aggressive, you could use another app (that I will write shortly) called “Fartalot”.
When triggered, this app would generate a volley of resounding farts capable of deterring even the most aggressive ruffian.

Mark my words. Apps are the future.

Don’t let your children become politicians or pornstars to make big bucks.

As Marie-Antoinette once said, “if they are hungry, let them write apps”.



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