Open Sesame!

I am always willing to help somebody with a hardware or software problem but nothing frustrate me more than people who seem to be unable to keep track of their passwords (plural).
When queried about such animals, they blush, stammer and look at me as if I just uttered some indecent proposal.

Then they start riffling trough a drawer filled with rubber bands, paper clips, half chewed-up Snicker bars and hastily scribbled notes.
Finally they lamely confess that they have no idea where or what the darned things could be.

Today, if you a have a computer, you will eventually be prodded to choose passwords, so you should be prepared for this eventuality.

IMG_1260 - Version 2A password is basically a key that will allow you to unlock a safe place.
With no key available, the space will fill with cobwebs and soon become unusable.
You will have to wait a hundred years for your Prince Charming to show up and bring it back to life.

In our highly computerized world it is absolutely essential to have some system that will keep track of your passwords. And I said “passwords” for you shouldn’t use the same single password for all your transactions.
The best way to keep your secret codes under control is to use a software package that will do the maintenance for you.

Personally I use “Dashlane” and I find it pretty handy.
It will also keep your passwords securely on your Smartphone.
With Dashlane you only need to remember one single password and when entered, this “key” will unlock all the other passwords that you have stashed away.

This password of course should be difficult to guess and kept securely, like a strongbox combination or the key to a chastity belt.
It should be a combination of at least 7 characters and should include uppercases, lowercases, punctuation marks, numbers and letters.

Just in case, you should also keep a hard copy of all your passwords.
If your machine balks or goes on strike, you should be able to access all your accounts through another computer by referring to this handy cheat sheet.

Don’t call me unless you follow my advice.



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