Carpe Diem

Seize the day, for the future is always fraught with uncertainty.

I heard today of the totally unexpected passing of Christine McNamee (Claudie Chourré’s daughter) and it led me to pause and reflect upon the capriciousness of life.

261-carpe-diem-2-sw---1We tend to avoid thinking about death, but we all know that down the line awaits the ultimate stop sign.
We are inclined to procrastinate, to push back at a latter date a few things to which we only gave a passing thought.
It is a mistake.

We should avoid postponing, especially when it comes to the affairs of the heart.
I often said that friends are more precious than gold and I mean it.
Without chums to share the vicissitudes of life our existence would not have much meaning, but we often fail to show our appreciation.

We should cherish friends and family while we can, for the Grim Reaper comes often unannounced and doesn’t allow for late amends.

So, strive to be kind and generous, in thoughts and in deeds.
Forget and forgive perceived offenses. You will sleep better and it is good karma.

Go to the restaurant, take that trip, invite your friends for no reasons, and you will have no regrets when the time comes to take the inevitable leap to The Great Beyond.



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Love this!