Glücklich, chanceux, lucky, afortunado, udashni…

The word “lucky” exists in most languages and has many disciples. People who believe and pray for happy accidents.

Luck is this indefinable quality that brings good fortune upon somebody by chance, rather than through one’s own deliberate actions.

Be it in sports, finance, love, war, being lucky is a blessing that few can do without. Being accomplished at something is good, but being lucky is definitely better. All successful people have one day been enormously lucky.

But luck is a fickle lady. She has to be wooed properly. One date is not sufficient to win her heart. If you want more luck, you have to be more proactive and be more willing to take chances. “Luck, like the old Trabant car, generally only works if you push it. “

In pétanque for instance, in order to win, it is better to take a chance on a risky shot rather than to concede a point, for Lady Luck smiles upon the audacious. If you miss your target the Lady might be willing to grant you a few bonus points just for trying.

And you cannot win at the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

Luck has also something to do with being in the right place at the right time.

Seneca (Roman philosopher), wrote, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

As an amateur photographer I try to always carry a camera with me, for you never know when the “one-in-a-thousand” shot is going to pop up. If a magnificent rainbow suddenly appears, you better be ready to bag it.

Like a flighty woman, Lady Luck will give you only a small window of opportunity to take advantage of her benevolent mood.

If you are not ready, you won’t be lucky.

To conclude:

I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike?” Jean Cocteau



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A few days ago, somebody I knew fairly well passed away.
I learned about it through an e-mail from my ex-wife.
Oddly enough it left me cold. It left me unmoved because our old bond withered and broke a long time ago.

But such is the way of relationships. Just like living things they live and die. When properly nurtured, they thrive. When neglected, they shrivel and disintegrate.

Relationships are born out of a common desire to share and enjoy similar interests. It could be food, art, sport, sex, anything that two people take pleasure in doing together.

But relationships are eminently fragile and fraught with perils.

As the French say:
« En amour Il y a toujours celui qui embrasse et celui qui tend la joue » (in love there is always one who kisses and one who offers the cheek).

After many kisses, one gets tired of getting the cheek.

Because relationships, regardless how neatly packaged, are always a trade. And to be durable, the balance of payments should be even.

Subconsciously or not, one keeps track of shared experiences.
If it is perceived that the relationship is lopsided, ties will fray and break.
If when going go to a restaurant with a friend, you always end up with the tab, a few strands of the rope will break.

Relationships are like tango: it takes two to do it properly.

The minute one seems to lose interest, it is up to the other person to sense it and to rekindle the romance. If it is not mended on a timely basis, the relationship, like an old hemp rope, will unravel and break.

And that’s what happened to my old connection. It seems that neither of us were keen to pursue a limping partnership, so we parted ways.

It happened a long time ago.

Now, no crocodile tears shed, just the fading memory of things past.



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La bataille de l’Elysée

La 24eme bataille de l’Elysée est terminée et François Hollande sera officiellement investi des pouvoirs présidentiels le 15 mai 2012.

Cérémonie solennelle mais sobre (comme le demande un président anti-bling bling), gardes républicains, poignées de main, passation des pouvoirs.

Viendra ensuite, si ce n’est déjà fait, le partage du gâteau. L’on n’en parlera pas en public (ce serait indécent de montrer une curée), mais les chefs de file de la 24eme croisade sont en droit d’espérer quelques morceaux de choix.

Depuis des temps immémoriaux, le partage du butin a toujours été une affaire délicate et tout le monde se souvient encore du Vase de Soissons.

Les centurions qui se sont battus de taille et d’estoc entendent bien récolter leur poids en sel. Les autres de même.

Et une attention particulière doit être donnée a ceux (Marine le Pen : 17,90% et Jean-Luc Melenchon: 11, 10%) qui ont rassemblé un grand nombre de voix. Car comme a dit Le Parrain: « Sois proche de tes amis, et plus proche encore de tes ennemis »

L’on pourra se permettre de négliger sans trop de risques Eva Joly (2,31%) et les deux “Trotskyists” Philippe Poutou (1,15%) et Nathalie Arnaud (0,56%)

Tous les chefs de file brigueront des postes de ministre et comme il n’y a seulement que 32 postes (autant que d’ânes dans un pré) a octroyer, il va falloir jouer serré.

Les fidèles qui seront adoubés parleront évidemment de leur devoir de servir la patrie, mais ne vous méprenez pas. L’ambition personnelle prime toujours le bien de la nation.
L’on ne devient pas ministre par amour de la patrie, mais plutôt pour paver un éventuel chemin vers l’Elysée.

Pour DSK le partage du butin aurait été plus facile. Si il avait été élu, il aurait probablement offert a ses mignons quelques parties fines et tout aurait été dit.

En attendant, toute la France est suspendue aux lèvres du Président qui est dans la position peu enviable d’avoir promis beaucoup et de ne pouvoir offrir que peu.



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