On n’attrape pas les mouches…

Il y a beaucoup de gens qui pensent que la pétanque est un sport de « vieux », de croulants… Et quelques-uns (comme RDM), affirment crûment qu’ils « n’aiment pas jouer avec des vieux ».

Et bien je dis non ! La pétanque n’est pas nécessairement un sport de vieux !
C’est un sport universel qui s’adresse à toutes les générations.

Le problème c’est que, comme le dit le proverbe « qui se ressemble s’assemble ».
Autrement dit, si une jeune personne voit des joueurs âgés pratiquer ce sport, elle en déduira qu’effectivement la pétanque est un sport de barbons et elle n’aura que très peu d’inclination de se joindre eux.

Si par contre, cette même personne voit des jeunes gens s’adonner a ce même sport, elle pensera qu’il serait peut-être avantageux de s’immiscer dans ce milieu, pour entre autres (on ne sait jamais) rencontrer l’âme-sœur.

C’est aussi simple que cela. L’argent attire l’argent, les jeunes attirent les jeunes et les demoiselles attirent les damoiseaux.

Pour revitaliser un club il faut donc attirer les jeunes, et pour ce faire il suffit simplement d’inviter des jeunes filles raisonnablement attrayantes a jouer avec nous pour quelques heures.
Les jeunes messieurs suivront naturellement.

femme-et-ombrelleMais dans la vie, tout a un prix.
Pour rendre cette proposition plus séduisante, il faut offrir aux demoiselles un petit cachet, un gage de notre appréciation.
Tant de pépètes pour une apparence de temps déterminé. Montrez votre joli minois et gagnez un peu d’argent de poche.
C’est un commerce agréable et facile et c’est une idée vieille comme le monde.

De nos jours, tous les évènements sportifs sont truffés de Miss de tout acabit.
Nous pourrions même avoir éventuellement une Miss Pétanque Marinière… Pourquoi pas?

Je propose donc qu’a chaque évènement majeur (piquenique ou concours ouvert a tous par exemple) notre club assigne une partie de ses bénéfices a financer les cachets de ces charmantes demoiselles.
Qui dit jeunes filles, dit jeunes hommes, et qui dit jeunes gens dit nouveau souffle.

On n’attrape pas les mouches avec du vinaigre, mais on fait beaucoup mieux avec du miel (et quelques dollars), et avec l’attraction des jeunes hommes pour les jeunes filles (ou les autres jeunes hommes).

C’est une idée comme une autre et mieux vaut essayer quelque chose que de ne rien essayer du tout.



An evening at Bogie’s

Last night my wife and I had dinner at Bogie’s, a small San Rafael restaurant now run by Luc Pouget, a pétanque playmate.

I consider Luc a friend and I was predisposed to like his offerings, but as a reporter I am bound to put my personal feelings aside and be as impartial as can be.

When evaluating a dining establishment, my judgment is basically formed by two almost equal criteria: food and service.
The rest (noise level or atmosphere) while being important does not carry as much weight.

After having made reservations, we promptly arrived at the restaurant at 6:30 p.m.
We were met in the dining room by Luc who took a few minutes out of the kitchen to greet us.

Greetings are important to me. If we are properly greeted and promptly shown to a table, it shows that the restaurant is primed for business and ready to take care of its customers.
But last night no waiter was readily apparent and we were left to pick our own table.

Let me say right away that the biggest shortcoming of Bogie’s is service, or lack thereof. It desperately cries for a professional waiter (preferably a waitress) and we never saw one, not even the shadow of one.

After sitting at a table (in a sparsely occupied dining room) we had to wait a long time to be offered menus.

We finally picked Marinated Calamari Salad and Escargots en croute for appetizers, but again we had to wait about twenty-five minutes for them to materialize.
A rather long waiting time for items that should have been already prepped in the kitchen.

The salad alas, was not properly seasoned and had to be sent back to the kitchen for a booster shot of dressing.
The escargots were equally uninspired. They were served in little pastry shells while drowning in a rather insipid sauce.
To me, there is only one way to serve escargots: bathed with butter, parsley and garlic. That’s it.

We also had to beg for water and bread, and wine seemed to have skipped the waitperson’s mind altogether. We had to remind him to bring it over.

In the dining room incidentally, we noticed and said hello to Catherine and Jean-Claude Bunand and Eve and Antoine Lofaro.

IMG_8304 - Version 2

For our main course, we chose the Rib Eye steak and the Duck breast (magret).
I am pleased to report that the steak was tender, cooked to perfection and that the duck breast was equally tasty.

This being said, I cannot decently give this place my seal of approval.

I wanted to like this restaurant and sing its praises.
I would have liked to make it a regular hangout like Cheerswhere everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad that you came”.

But a place where everybody knows your name should also serve good food and provide decent service.
And the latter was definitely hard to spot.

One final unfortunate detail.
After paying in cash and intending to leave a generous tip in spite of it all, I waited a long time to see my change.
When nothing materialized, I had to walk to the cash register and demand my due.
Not good! This casual attitude doesn’t reflect well on the establishment.

In order to survive, Bogie’s will definitely have to hire a competent waitperson (preferably of the female persuasion) and up its game in the kitchen.

I wish Bogie’s all the luck in the world, but I am afraid that it is going to be a long uphill battle.




Offense versus defense

A vaincre sans périls, on triomphe sans gloire
To win without danger is to triumph without glory. Pierre Corneille.
My kind of dude!


To win a sporting event you need a combination of skills, strategy… and luck.
In pétanque, like in many other sports, some players favor defense versus offense.
To each his own, but personally I prefer the latter.
I prefer to take chances rather than playing an overly cautious, colorless game.

Don’t shoot, don’t shoot! Hate to hear these apprehensive words from my partner. Hate to play with a timid, scaredy-cat teammate.
Declining to shoot when the occasion presents itself shows a lack of confidence, an admission of weakness, a white flag ready to be hoisted.
And a reluctant shooter is seldom a successful shooter.

One of my life biggest regret is to have been deprived of a twin. An ideal teammate, a guy who would think and act like me.

In sports there have been famous twins like Bob and Mike Bryan. Gifted tennis players born with a tremendous advantage: they are “mirror twins”, meaning that one is right-handed and the other one is left-handed.
Can you imagine? Thinking alike and being able to equally cover the right and left flank… Absolutely unbeatable combination.
Useless to say that they have won multiple tournaments and Olympic medals.

To make my life complete, one of these days I will have to have myself cloned…

When you shoot of course, you expose your partner(s) and yourself to friendly fire and collateral damage, but the benefits of a successful strike far outweigh the risks.
Shooting is like approaching a girl… you might get slapped a few times, but the end results could be highly satisfying. Girls like dashing fellows.
You just need to dare.

Winning is nice, but winning without “panache is like shooting a wild caged animal.
Absolutely nothing to brag about!