Who needs a Beso?

If you are hankering for a kiss and outdoor dining, Beso (kiss in Spanish) is the place to get it. It is a quaint little eatery tucked in the heart of the old Hamilton Air Force AFB in Novato. It is relatively difficult to find, but worth the trip.

Due to Covid-19, the restaurant industry is going through a tough phase, and to survive, it needs to be creative… and to be blessed with outdoor space. Luckily, Beso has both.

Since indoor dining is proscribed, Beso is catering to its patrons on an airy, spacious deck; if need be, the staff will also accommodate the customer overflow on the lawn surrounding the building.

Yesterday, after an invigorating trip to foggy Chrissy Field (which by the way has become a paradise for dog walkers), Tamara and I went to Beso for lunch. After making a reservation (and a short wait), we scored a table on the deck.

Respecting social distancing, the tables are neatly spaced and thoroughly scrubbed each time a customer leaves his table.
The menu (flavored with a Peruvian touch) is eclectic and reasonably priced. I was considering the snapper & shrimps ceviche, but I settled for a “Beso burger”. Tamara, always a fish devotee ordered some Fish and Chips. Despite the busy environment, our orders materialized pretty quickly.

The place seems to be a haven for older adults (with about 80% of women) but I also spotted a table with 6 attractive young ladies.

If you crave an outdoor relatively inexpensive dining place, I recommend Beso. The place is now thriving, especially at lunch, and you will definitely need to make a reservation to be seated.

The restaurant is located in an old palm grove, in Hamilton Field, at 502 South Palm Drive.


PS: Don’t forget to check the few pictures (My Photos) that I shot yesterday at the beach.

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