The Phovid-20 pandemic

The phone virus (or Phovid-20) is way more potent and vicious than Covid-19. And very few people are aware of this!

Long after the coronavirus is defeated, Phovid-20 will continue to thrive and spread havoc. I daresay that it will outlast the effects of Covid-19 by decades.

So far, young children seem to be partially immune to this dreadful disease; but in First Grade, after mingling with their peers, they are very likely to become infected… and parents will do anything to soothe their sufferings.

Phovid-20 is more dangerous than Covid-19 because it has sex-appeal, and it is highly addictive. It is like cocaine. The victims know that the stuff is bad for them, but they still crave it.

“We get one of these little pings on our smartphones, and we get a little hit of dopamine as well. We get excited. We feel anticipation. As we feel this, we want it more and more. So we spend more and more time looking at our phones.” ~ Kim Stolz

 I have been documenting this phenomenon for the last 6 months and I have the photos to prove my assertions. Spending time in cafés is one of my “péchés mignons” (guilty pleasures) and while seemingly slurping some Java, I have been snapping pictures of the addicts. And none of them by the way, are observing “social distancing.”

My photos will prove irrefutably, that at least 80 % of the population is already infected, and I am afraid that my wife is part of that group. Authorities (who are aware of this disease) have been slow to react. They don’t want to panic the public at large and hurt the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but they are clearly worried.

Some pro-business politicos have been talking about using Lysol to prevent the spread of Phovid-20, but scientists remain doubtful. A vaccine will have to be created and tested before the public is allowed to use it.

“The challenge for a human now is to be more interesting to another than his or her smartphone.” ~ Alain de Botton

 This is a tough one! How can you possibly compete with a know-it-all smart aleck? And to make it worse, the carrier of Phovid-20 is warm and cuddly. People like to touch it, to fondle it, to kiss it… They even sleep with it…


As I told you before, it is going to be a tough struggle. Detox centers will flourish but with no real guarantee of success.

If you are interested (and probably worried) about this development, click on “my photos” to look at the evidence.


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