Who is first?

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Margaret Thatcher

 Did the White House ever notice?

It is not America first, as some numbskulls have been asserting… or any nation first. The days of squabbling for supremacy are over… It is… it has got to be “planet first”.

Regardless of status or wealth, we are all in the same boat… and our new Titanic is heading for an iceberg. If we don’t change direction, we are going to hit that mass of ice with all its dire consequences.
But our leader is not worried… his band will keep playing until the end.

Young people are right to be worried. This is the estate that they are going to inherit and it is going to need a lot of fixing to be habitable again.

Wise beyond her years, gutsy Greta Thunberg, is upright for crying wolf and castigating world leaders for their inaction. Barely 16, this teenager amazed and galvanized the world with her maturity, her speaking skills and her command of the English language. She is truly on a mission and lives what she preaches. Among other things, she is not eating meat and she refuses to travel by plane.

Many of our leaders are more concerned with personal gains than global warming. America which for many years had been a shining example of rectitude and innovation has abdicated its role. It is burying its head in some oily sand and letting children work as pathfinders.

Putting a “businessman” in charge of America has been a colossal mistake. Because what is the purpose of a business? The primary purpose of a business is to maximize profits for its owners or stakeholders.” That’s all.
What about the environment? What about climate change? It is a hoax! A scam!
What about the people? Let them eat cake!

Refusing to admit that something is true because it is unpleasant, is not going to make it disappear. Children have realized that and are starting to shame their elders’ inaction.

Colonizing the Moon or Mars is not the solution, and the money spent on these undertakings would be better used in implementing concrete solutions to combat global warming.

It is difficult to control what other countries are doing, but America should rejoin the Paris Agreement as soon as possible, and use its clout to lead the way and regain its dignity and self-respect.


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