Dislike or hate?

We all have our likes and dislikes… it is human nature and we would not be honest if we denied it.
But there is a difference between disliking and hating. Hate is much more intense and toxic than dislike. Today we are so polarized that we are unable (or unwilling) to differentiate between these two emotions. If we dislike something or somebody, we simply “hate” it.

Well, I am personally averse to many things and many people… without really hating them. I might have a strong dislike to them, but I don’t wish them to swim with the fish…

For my part, I object to people who are dishonest, cruel, ignorant, vulgar, irresponsible, rude, susceptible… In addition, I also dislike braggarts, liars, extremists, religious zealots, and humorless people… and I cannot mention everybody, the list would be too long.

It seems that I am not fond of too many people… but hey, it is my right to like or dislike anybody.

“Do you like people? Most people claim that they like people with, of course, a “few exceptions.” When the exceptions are added together it becomes clear that they include a vast majority of the people. It becomes equally clear that most people like just a few people, their kind of people, and either do not actively care for or actively dislike most of the “other” people.” Saul Alinsky

 As you can see, I am an equal opportunity “disliker.” I equally dislike many people, regardless of race, sex, age or religion.
Now, if I disapprove of a person of color, does that make me a racist? If so, yes, I am a racist. But I never dislike anybody for the color of their skin, I just object to their offensive behavior.

Do I hate some people? Of course.
This does not mean that I want them dead. It just means that I have an intense dislike of them and would like them to magically vanish into thin air… Or maybe like Dorothy and Toto, to be snatched by a cyclone and dropped hundreds of miles from where I live.

It’s not impossible… and one can dream… can’t he?


 What do I dislike about death? Must be the hours. Woody Allen

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