Single moms

Every day a “celebrity” trumpets that she is pregnant and proudly poses to show off her “baby bump”. Many of these nymphets are single. They have a “fiancé” waiting in the wings and will eventually get hitched (so they say) but it seems that is far more important to be in the limelight than anything else.

I am no moralist and I am not speaking out of high-mindedness; I am just tired of this ostentatious display of vanity.

Wanting to be a mother is perfectly natural, but experts agree that a toddler will be better off with two parents. Raising a child is serious business and requires at least two committed people (preferably four) to do the job properly.
Getting pregnant before securing a “bona fide” partner is akin to building a sand castle. At the first tremor, the whole edifice might fall apart and some “unlicensed” procreators might be tempted to run for cover.

Frankly my dear, I am tired of hearing about unwed “single moms”. They are wearing their label like a badge of honor and seem to expect special treatment. “I am a single soccer mom, let me through”.
Personally, I have no particular sympathy for “single moms”. It is a choice that they made and the world owes them absolutely nothing.

The problem is that if celebrities play this game, many impressionable young women will believe that there is nothing wrong with this practice. But the big difference between working stiffs and celebrities is that celebs have plenty of cash and can afford help; impressionable young girls, on the other hand, are often jobless, broke and on their own.

If this trend continues, the West is soon going to resemble Third World countries teeming with scores of fatherless kids.

Motherhood, by all means, but carefully planned motherhood. It is difficult to be a mom, but extraordinarily demanding to be a “single mom”.

Raising a family is difficult enough. But it’s even more difficult for single parents struggling to make ends meet. They don’t need more obstacles. They need more opportunities. Bill Richardson


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