My credo

“One person is never as stupid as a group of people. That’s why they have lynch mobs, not lynch individuals.” Ben Horowitz

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I am not a groupie. Possibly a groper, but definitely not a groupie. In fact, I am extremely leery of groups, especially those prone to hysteria.
I can share certain beliefs with a particular crowd, but I am definitely not as extreme as a rock or political groupie.
And I certainly won’t offer any sexual favors to anybody to endear myself to some self-important narcissist.

shaun-the-sheepI don’t care to be a sheep, a lemming, one of the mooing drove…
I refuse to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.
I want to look at things impartially and feel free to voice an opposing view if I disagree.
Is what the preacher said reasonable? Is what the politician asserting true? Does it make sense? Is it prejudiced, not based on actual experience?

I don’t like divisive pins, badges, political or religious symbols. I don’t like slogans, raised fists, raised hand salutes.
I particularly despise turncoats. People who insult you publicly one day and curry favors with you the next… after their camp was defeated.
I don’t believe that “might makes right.”

To be heard, don’t shout. Speak softly… or write. Write cool headedly. Take your time. Measure your words, your sentences, your ideas.
Writings over the years have proven to be more influential than slogans and shouted epithets.
The Bible, the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kempf, The Prince, the Female Eunuch among other books, did more to sway opinions than riots and vandalism.

I want to have friends (just a few), not mendacious political or religious acolytes.
I don’t want a messiah to guide me. I want a human, levelheaded man (or woman) to steer and lead us by example.

“Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead. Walk beside me… just be my friend.”
Albert Camus


One thought on “My credo”

  1. Alain,
    Appreciate these comments; especially about shouting. Everyone shouts.
    Might not agree with everything he says, but the late Christopher Hitchens – a
    wonderful voice and always polite.

    I don’t know if other countries are as crude as America, followed by UK.

    Incessant clapping also unbearable. At a concert we could wave colorful
    scarves instead and not hear clapping which sounds like a bunch of firecrackers
    which spoil the mood.

    Yes, please do not display your buttons, pins, why do you
    imagine that I am interested in your views?

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