Money talks

A few days ago I deposited a check in my bank account. Despite my rather scruffy appearance bank employees treated me with a newfound respect.
The bank manager even introduced himself and pumped my hand enthusiastically.
What did I do to deserve this? Not much, except present the teller a piece of paper with a few zeroes on it.
Does that mean that money talks? No, it means that money shouts!

If you show up somewhere in a Bentley, I bet you that you will get a much better treatment and more glad-handing than if you showed up in a battered pickup truck.

Similarly, people will pay more attention to a pretty woman than they would to an ordinary looking hausfrau.
The invisible cloak of money and glamor will dictate how people perceive you and how they will deal with you.

This state of affairs is even more flagrant in Europe where appearance is everything. You could be a pauper, but if you dress smartly and give the appearance of wealth, you will be treated with all the respect due to your rank.

To trained noses, money even smells. It generates I have been told, a perfume ten times more potent than the greatest aphrodisiac.
Money sniffers can become giddy when getting a whiff of that intoxicating aroma and have sometimes to be forcibly restrained.

If somebody is looking for an idea to make a quick fortune, I recommend working on a fabric that would smell like money.
If you wore a money suit you would become irresistible to almost anybody. People would flock around you like paparazzi around Kim Kardashian’s booty.

Women, bankers, politicians, nobody can resist the sweet smell of dough.
Politicos, like bloodhounds, have a highly developed sense of smell. They can follow the scent of cabbage like truffle sniffing hogs.

We often hear about corruption in far away countries, but you don’t have to travel to Afghanistan to smell corruption.
It is alive and well on the banks of the Potomac.

These interminable debates in Washington are not really about bettering the fate of regular citizens.
They are about money, and the way to steer it or to keep it in the right pockets.

So, irrespective of their colors, shy away from money sniffing hounds, for despite their histrionics they are only working on better ways to line their pockets at your expense.



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