Did you get yours?

Did you get yours? If you came from another celestial body, you would certainly think that this short sentence was the normal form of greeting used by planet Earth’s natives.

These 4 short words are now heard everywhere and are quickly replacing the obsolete “how are you today?” formula among the aging set (Tamalous). For it is crucial today to get vaccinated to try to stop the pandemic’s relentless assault against the world population.

But not everybody is on board. A small but vocal group of anti-vaxxers is waging a campaign against Covid-19 shots.

“The anti-vaxxer movement began in the 18th century in the U.S., with religious leaders describing them (vaccines) as the “devil’s work.” The campaign grew in the 19th and 20th centuries as a matter of human rights.”

 These misinformed souls have little faith in science and prefer to believe that vaccines are unsafe… and also generate autism in young children. This theory, by the way, has been totally debunked by the medical establishment.

Social media users are also having a field day with vaccines.

“After Americans started receiving vaccinations against COVID-19, social media users shared a viral image claiming that CNN reported hospitals going on lockdown after vaccine recipients started eating each other. A Google reverse search revealed that the image originated as a joke on meme website.”

Did you get yours? Yes, I got mine recently (at least the first shot) and as far as I know, I am not inclined to consume any part of my wife’s body. I cannot vouch for her, but (even though French food is much tastier than Russian food), I am not yet missing any part of my glorious anatomy.

Vaccines have been around for a long time and have proven to be highly effective against a variety of diseases. Everybody knows that (well almost everybody) and is eager to get his shots. Vaccines are still scarce, but they are starting to materialize regularly. By the end of the summer, it is estimated that the entire US population is going to be vaccinated.

This does not mean that we are home-free and allowed to go back to our old familiar habits. We still have to wash our hands regularly and wear masks probably until 2022. A small price to pay for survival and safety.

The non-believers though are doing a great disservice to their fellow human beings. By refusing to get vaccinated, they will prolong the existence of Covid-19 (and its cousins) among us.

Half-million victims are enough. If you did not get yours, do it as fast as possible. Our common lives depend on it.


Les Tamalous

Étymologie : De la question « t’as mal où ? ».
Nom commun : tamalou \ta.ma.lu\ masculin
Personne qui se plaint toujours d’avoir mal quelque part, généralement une personne âgée.

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