It is over, at last!

It is over. And none too soon!

The country is sick and tired of the poisonous atmosphere that permeated the 2020 electoral process. Since Joe Biden (the dragon slayer) has emerged as the winner of this bruising contest, everybody is looking forward to a mellower and gentler Holiday Season.

The American people have spoken, and to the world’s relief, they chose sanity over bigotry. The greatest democracy in the world will survive but at a price. It will take a lot of work to repair the immense damage inflicted on America by an irresponsible sorcerer’s apprentice.

Donald Trump, whose entire life was guided by money and profit failed again in his latest overreach. The Republican messiah has tirelessly sown the seeds of discord in the land for four years and is now reaping the bitter harvest of his reckless conduct.

First and foremost, he failed spectacularly to shield the country from one of the deadliest pandemics of the century. And despite ample confirmation to the contrary, he always refused to take any responsibility for it.

Secondly, given the overwhelming evidence of climate change, he claimed that there is no problem with the environment and continued to promote obsolete, polluting industries.

Then, with total disregard for public health and obsessed with dismantling “Obamacare”,  he never came up with any HealthCare program.

And I won’t even bother to mention Income Taxes. Everybody in this country paid more than this swindler.

Blinded by a stale ideology, the Republican establishment is to blame for allowing an irresponsible flawed individual to reach the top, mainly by bullying and intimidating his rivals.

For all the above and countless other reasons, he did not deserve a second term. Donald, pack your bags. You are fired!

But the bully is a sore loser and a whiner. He insists (with no valid proof) that the system was “rigged” against him. As in his past career, he will sue anybody and anything standing in his way. Good f*****g luck with that!

So, what’s in store for the pompadoured charlatan? Will a frustrated Donald Trump (like Steven Seagal and Gérard Depardieu before him), seek Russian citizenship from his good friend in the Kremlin? He could be a prince in exile… Considering his past, he would also make an excellent oligarch in the Russian nomenklatura.

Now, instead of a few victims, everybody knows that the so-called  American colossus was nothing but an unsavory impostor.


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