Vote early and be counted

I just voted, and I consider this undertaking as one of the most important decisions of my life. I voted, no need to wait, and I mailed my ballot as soon as I received it. No need to wait a single minute to fulfill my obligation as a citizen and make sure that my choices are recorded. Too many important issues are at stake in this Presidential election to neglect an essential civic obligation.

Being a good citizen does not mean waving flags and parading with guns. It means being informed, responsible, and willing to uphold the law.
This year, due to many alarmingly declarations by the occupant of the White House, there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety concerning the elections.
If on the losing side, the incumbent never formally agreed to a peaceful, orderly transfer of power. Before the votes are even tallied, he pledges a “major investigation into voter fraud.” Nothing to inspire confidence into a smooth, orderly transition.

Looking back at history, 2020 bears many frightening similarities with 1933.

1933 was the worst year of the Great Depression and unemployment peaked the world over. 2020 is so far the most damaging year of the Covid-19 pandemic and millions are out of work and demoralized.
In Germany, during that period, there was a lot of unrest and exaggerated fears about Communism. Alarmed people demanded Law and Order.
In the US, increased turmoil and inflated fears about fictitious QAnon and the “Radical Left “compels many people to side with a man who preaches confrontation rather than appeasement.

In 1933, a certain Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany, and immediately enforced his own version of Law and Order. He fiercely clamped down on dissenters… and opened the first concentration camp at Dachau. Beware of stern law-abiding headmen!

Giving a second chance to a man who is an inveterate liar, is like giving carte blanche to Ivan the Terrible. He is as flighty as a bedbug and disposes of friends and allies as easily as emptying a garbage can.
This is also a man who has constantly downplayed the severity of the pandemic. After 210,000 victims and being himself infected by the virus, he still persists in denying the severity of Covid-19. Wearing a life-saving mask seems to be for him and his supporters, a pesky option rather than a mandatory obligation.

The most powerful democracy in the world deserves a better candidate than a fraudulent businessman. His opponent is not flashy, but he is an experienced man with a sense of decency and compassion. As displayed recently on TV, he is also a gentleman who has much better manners than his boorish opponent. Manners worthy of a President of the United States, not of a carnival barker.

Vote early and be counted!


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